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March 19, 2019 4 min read

We all love dry shampoo, otherwise known as a glorious saviour to busy women and their hair all around the world. But just like sheer tights and bright red, vampish lipstick, you need to handle your dry ‘poo with care – otherwise, you could find yourself with a hairdo that’s more of a hairdon’t.

That’s right, there is too much of a good thing, and you’ll know exactly what that is when you look in the mirror to see a horror movie extra looking back with you.

You wanted sleek, gorgeous, and voluminous – you got lank and greasy with the added embarrassment of a bad case of dandruff (or powdery residue, but we all know what everyone else is thinking!)

Luckily, you can avoid this nightmare – all you need to follow are these eight holy commandments of DIY shampoo and never again suffer the indignity of a bad hair day!

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Follow These Commandments for the Perfect DIY Shampoo Hairdo!

DO Blend It Like It’s 1999

DIY Shampoo

Will it blend? Yes, it will! Don’t be scared if there’s “too much” white powder or even a strange waxy texture at first – all you need to do to turn this into absolutely fabulous hair is a little finger work…

Dry shampoo never looks great when you first apply it, but let it sit for a while to work its magic, then treat yourself to a head massage, courtesy of your fingertips. Not only is this relaxing, but you’re also adding texture and volume for hair that looks great.

DO Hold Your Distance

There’s no need to get up close and personal when you’re using a dry shampoo spray. In fact, you’ll get better coverage if you stretch your arms out just a little bit more.

Not all spray dry shampoos are created equal, but for best results, pull your arm out a bit – around ten inches is a good length – before pressing the nozzle. As a result, rather than get a huge, narrow hit of dry shampoo that creates unwanted build up, you’re allowing a lighter and more even distribution.

DO Use the Correct Hairbrush

Not all hairbrushes are made equal – and when it comes to flawless hair with the help of dry shampoo, your brush is one of your key allies.

This is a short but sweet commandment! Strandatory’s dedicated hair scientists have, after much experimentation, finally come to the conclusion that the ultimate brush to use with dry shampoo is a slim brush with tourmaline bristles: just perfect for working that precious formula deep into your roots!

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DO Make Use of Your Blow Dryer

Sometimes, even with the best intentions, it’s all too easy to go over the top. You’ll know it when your head feels like a chalkboard! But don’t worry; keep calm and find your nearest blowdryer…

Don’t worry – just apply a little of your favourite lightweight serum and gently blow dry the residue away using the lowest heat setting. At the same time, we like to massage and blend the formula deeper.

… And Ignore These Hairdon’t Commandments at Your Peril!

DIY Shampoo

DON’T “Spray and Pray”

We know how easy it is to just go crazy and spray away – it is fun, after all – but you’re only creating a huge powdery problem for yourself: and last time we checked, the dandruff look wasn’t hot this season.

The simple fact is that most dry shampoo formulas take a minute or two to properly soak up the excess oils and grease in your hair. A little goes a long way, so add a little, wait, then see if you need more. You’re after supermodel hair – not wild hair that sprinkles powder everywhere you go!

DON’T Create Random Gas Attacks

We’ve all done it: opened a can, sprayed it into the air, and created a cloud of aroma. Girl, stop that! Not only are you wasting precious product, but you’re also creating a potential annoyance for family or co-workers.

Do you hate it when people cook fish for lunch in the office? While your dry shampoo smells a lot better than microwaved leftover kedgeree, you’re still committing an olfactory crime against other people. More importantly, you’re wasting your dry shampoo! Take aim at your roots then spray, ladies.

DON’T Focus on Your Partings – Share the Love

It feels like the most natural thing in the world to spray along your hair’s natural side parting and over the top layer of your hair – but don’t forget that the rest of your hair needs love, too…

Make sure you’re getting the dry shampoo to get everywhere it needs to go by lifting up sections as you go along and spritzing directly on the hidden roots underneath. This method might take more time, but you’ll love the extra ease in blending and volume boost this gives you!

DON’T Touch Your Hair

Don’t you hate it when other people touch your hair? Well, your freshly DIY shampoo’d hair is even more hands off than you – so keep your mittens away, or there’ll be hell to pay for…

We know it’s hard to keep your hands off something that looks so gorgeous – who could resist twirling a luscious lock around their fingers? However, you won’t look cute – because the oily residue of your fingers could transfer to your hair, undoing all your hard work.

Do you have your own commandment for dry shampoo? We’d love to hear it! Add a comment below to share yours with the Strandatory community!

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