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November 28, 2019 3 min read

Strandatory lets you keep your hair looking fabulous no matter what without compromising on your ethical beliefs or having to make a difficult choice – just look for the little green “Vegan Australia Certified” logo!

You already know that Strandatory dry shampoo is amazing for revitalizing tired and unwashed hair – but did you know that our dry shampoo is certified vegan by Vegan Australia?

Well, now you do!

We’re thrilled to have this high accolade as a recognition of our hard work and dedication in creating a simple, eco-friendly, and vegan dry shampoo that gives you luscious locks.

Strandatory Is One of Australia’s Leading Vegan Dry Shampoos

Vegan Certified Dry Shampoo

The Vegan Australia Certified program guarantees that products labeled with its symbol meet the highest possible standard for vegan products in Australia:

  • Free from animal products
  • Untested on animals
  • Doesn’t use animal products during the production process

What’s more, this certification supports products that are ethical, healthy, and environmentally friendly. In other words, Strandatory isn’t just kind to your hair – it’s also kind to the planet as a cruelty-free dry shampoo!

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Why Should You Use a Natural Vegan Hair Shampoo?

Haircare can be a minefield, with some of the industry’s leading products being packed with chemical gunk that you can’t pronounce that stunt’s your scalp’s oil production.

While nobody wants to have wan, oily-looking hair, your natural hair oil provides a protective barrier against the world around you. Frequent washes can damage your hair follicles, and can even lead to a dry, itchy scalp along with the dreaded dandruff.

What’s a girl to do – surely there’s a happy medium for your hair between limp and lifeless against damaged and dry?

Well, this is where natural vegan hair shampoo comes in.

While experts recommend that you wash your hair with regular, wet shampoo at least once a week, vegan dry shampoo can keep your hair and style in place in between washes.

Strandatory Vegan Dry Shampoo Is Packed with All-Natural Goodness

Strandatory’s vegan-friendly Natural Dry Shampoo takes some of nature’s most potent hair care ingredients – including clays, mineral-rich substances, and essential oils – and puts them together in one convenient package.


And, what’s more, the formula has been mixed to eliminate the dreaded white powder residue ‘dandruff’ effect from the dry shampoo residue that other brands leave behind.

Although ethical and environmentally friendly, this vegan dry shampoo pulls no punches when it comes to effectiveness. Strandatory gives your hair and styling a boost between washes, revitalizing your follicles and scalp as it zaps away that unwanted grease – we’ve banned the phrase ‘bad hair day’ from our vocabulary!

Bad Hair Day


Discover the Strandatory Difference Today!

If you’re looking for a vegan dry shampoo that gives your hair a gorgeous natural lift in between washes, then why not try out Strandatory’s Natural Dry Shampoo?

Now Vegan Australia Certified, you can give your hair the treat it deserves while saving the planet at the same time. After all, why should you compromise on your style when you’re doing the right thing?

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Vegan Australia Certified


Strandatory Natural Dry Shampoo

Strandatory Best Dry Shampoo

Enjoy great hair days and effortless styling between each wash without leaving any evidence behind with Strandatory’s all natural dry shampoo formula, developed for busy women on the go who want to look and feel glam no matter what. Visit Strandatory’s online store today!

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