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STRANDATORY - Get More Wear From Your Hair

STRANDATORY - Get More Wear From Your Hair

Who we are - Strandatory Natural Dry Shampoo


Have an effortless hair routine the quick and easy way with Strandatory all natural dry shampoo!


Enjoy great hair days and easy styling between each wash without leaving any evidence behind!


Strandatory helps women to enjoy fabulous hair every day, no matter what life throws their way. Our natural dry shampoo is formulated to be your quick fix when you want to look amazing – but simply don’t have the time to wash properly.

No matter what your hair colour, hair type, or hairstyle, Strandatory’s all natural shampoo is the perfect companion for you. All Strandatory hair care products have been tested on real friends and family members – and never on animals.

By Women, for Women

“I was getting to the point of cutting my long hair off to make my hair washing routine easier, I was really self-conscious around other people who I thought they were judging the state of my hair. Most of the time I thought it looked WORSE with the dry shampoo in it, than leaving it unwashed. I really didn’t want a short haircut, or as Mum says “a funky crop” just because I’m over 40 – lol! thanks Mum.


I needed to find something that made my hair look clean, not oily and let me get on with my day without worrying about my appearance.

When I couldn’t find it I decided to make it and after months of trialling ingredients and dispensers, I finally reached the point of creating my now “go to” dry shampoo.

I hope you love it as much as I do!”

Cheers Gabbi xx

Founder, Strandatory

Founded by Gabbi Murrell, a busy and long brunette haired mum-of-two who runs a fast-paced event company 7 days a week.

Strandatory was born of the frustration of not having time to frequently wash and style hair. She found the supermarket brands led to over powdered and dry locks and a serious case of bad hair days.

With long days on site, coupled with client meetings where hair needs to look it’s best she needed something easy, effective and invisible.

While other dry shampoo products in the marketplace might do half the job, they often leave behind a powdery, tell-tale residue before running out at the worst possible moment.

After months of researching, experimenting, and improving on Strandatory’s formula, it has landed – and is fast emerging as one of the most popular natural dry shampoo products in the market for women of all ages.

Strandatory Dry Shampoo

Looking This Good Doesn’t Have to Cost the World.

Our commitment to the environment also means that our all-natural formula are free of yucky preservatives, parabens, sulfates, or noxious, so-called “fragrances” and packaged in recyclable materials.

All natural dry shampoo hair care isn’t just good for you; it’s also good for the planet!

Look and feel glam no matter what and visit the Strandatory store today to start enjoying effortless red-carpet days, no matter what’s going on around you!

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