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December 12, 2018 3 min read

What Are the Best Ingredients to Use in An All Natural Dry Shampoo?

All natural dry shampoo is a simple, eco-friendly way to keep your hair looking fab, no matter what life throws at you (and your hair). But what is it, exactly, that is in the best natural dry shampoo which makes it so effective?

Are you tired of a daily hair care routine that seems to take half an hour washing, blow-drying, and styling just to get set for the day? Perhaps you simply can’t find the time on those days when life just takes control – and then run the gauntlet of going out with messy hair that leaves you feeling self-conscious.

However, there is some good news for women everywhere: dry shampoo can give you the locks you lust after in just a few short minutes. Better yet, all natural formulations are now available that aren’t aerosolised and don’t leave a tell-tale powdery residue on your crowning glory!

One of the best features of dry shampoo is that it cuts your styling time down to nothing. While it should not replace wet shampoo entirely (experts recommend you wash your hair at least once every four days to avoid funky hair health), it’s a handbag hero for women around the world.

A Great All Natural Dry Shampoo Is Packed with Goodness

When looking at dry shampoo labels, you want to check that they are packed with ingredients which have been carefully selected and mixed.

These ingredients should include some of the world’s finest cosmetic clays, working with mineral-rich substances and essential oils to give your hair a powerful boost when you need it the most.

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Dry Shampoo Is an Oil Absorbing Superstar

If your hair looks like an oil slick by day two without washing, then a powerful trinity of rich, oil absorbing ingredients that include starchy, absorbent tapioca or potato starch, mineral-rich, soothing Rhassoul clay, super-absorbent natural clays, and moisturising bentonite clay will take away the lank factor.

Dry Shampoo Aids in Hair Restoration and Moisturisation

Another great ingredient is colloidal oatmeal, which soothes dry and itchy scalps, moisturising you back to an itch-free zone with its restorative effect. Together with cornstarch or arrowroot powder your hair quickly takes on a glossy and silky “salon feel.”

Dry Shampoo Hair Care Essentials

Great dry shampoo isn’t just about zapping excess oils and looking fabulous: it’s also about aiding your hair health, too. That’s why Strandatory also includes amorphous silica for extra absorption and to help repair and regenerate your follicles, adding more lustre and vitality to your mane.

Finally, a rich and diverse blend of essential oils is used to promote your hair’s growth, shine, and softness, completing our nutrient-rich, all natural formulation.

Since dry shampoo first exploded onto the marketplace, many reliable and affordable formulations have emerged to help busy women stay glam no matter what. Each formulation has its own strengths and weaknesses, and what will work best for you depends on your own hair type.

What you are looking for is a reliable assistant that you can whip out when needed to give yourself a hair lift. This means using a dry shampoo that can absorb the excess oil build-up, give you a little more control over your styling, and provide some light nourishment for your scalp and roots at the same time

Strandatory’s all natural dry shampoo is a rich, no-residue formula that’s packed full of goodness to revitalise your hair by zapping greasy oil while adding volume. It’s time to make your bad hair days a thing of the past: visit our store today!


Strandatory Natural Dry Shampoo

Strandatory Best Dry Shampoo

Enjoy great hair days and effortless styling between each wash without leaving any evidence behind with Strandatory’s all natural dry shampoo formula, developed for busy women on the go who want to look and feel glam no matter what. Visit Strandatory’s online store today!

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