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August 05, 2020 1 min read

Imagine the fairy tale moment - a normal day that becomes a magical night.

 This short story was inspired by the people that love our natural dry shampoo. Two friends, enjoying their day, knowing they can be prepared for whatever adventure they take on.This is the essence of our very own Strandatory shampoo; designed to make you feel, amongst everything else, you are closer to your best self and where you would rather be. Imagine the feeling of knowing you’re hair will be incredible, whatever your day brings!

What comes next? Where do you go from here? Imagine, wait and see.Strandatory's new natural 100% vegan certified dry shampoo banishes your bad hair days.

* Reduce oil in your hair with amazing volume and texture
* No powdery residueNon aerosol = no clouds of powder in your bathroom + it's environmentally friendly
* Fresh, soft fragrance - no overpowering smell
Easily dispensed into your hair.
* No mess application!
Made in Australia, with all natural, vegan-certified ingredients,
* Strandatory dry shampoo gives you more wear from your hair!

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