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December 12, 2018 3 min read

Is Dry Shampoo Good for Your Hair?

Let’s face it, girls: we don’t always have time to wash our hair, and on those dark days, dry shampoo is the answer to our prayers. However, how can you know which dry shampoo is good for your hair? Strandatory investigates….

Who doesn’t love dry shampoo?

It’s the busy woman’s secret weapon and a handbag essential for making bad hair day goes away. What else is out there that can whizz away excess oils, revitalise your roots, and give you an envious level of control over your hair styling, all in just a few minutes?

Not much, short of having a world-class stylist following you around all day – and it’s this incredibly attractive offer that has made dry shampoo take off around the world. Now, millions of women are finally putting all but the most unavoidable of bad hair days far behind them to enjoy looking and feeling like a million dollars whenever they want.

However, you might have heard some criticism of dry shampoos. In this article, we want to put the record straight and show that you can find an all natural dry shampoo that doesn’t use harmful ingredients in your quest for great hair.

Not All Dry Shampoos Are Created Equal!

The popularity of dry shampoo means that there is now a huge choice of dry shampoos out there for men and women, catering to just about any hair type and need possible.

Their price, fragrance, packaging, convenience, and even delivery methods vary – which means a lot of choices and not all of them good. What they all do – with varying levels of success – is help you on days when you simply can’t spend time on your hair.

Choose a Dry Shampoo That’s Environmentally Friendly

It goes without saying that you want to avoid aerosolised dry shampoos packed with unpronounceable chemicals and preservatives. Yes, these are convenient, but using them contributes to airpollution !

Ladies, we only have one planet – and as much as we value looking fabulous, letting our hair be a net contributor to environmental pollution is a step too far in the quest for great hair. Simply stick with non-aerosolised dry shampoos that can be applied topically instead!

Stay Away from Dry Shampoo with Alcohol or Ethanol

We already know that alcohol is bad for our general health – so why would we spray it on our head? A shocking amount of dry shampoos use alcohol, particularly denatured alcohol (ethanol) and ethyl alcohol in their formulations.

Alcohol is mostly found in aerosolised dry shampoos. Already bad news, the alcohol adds injury to a planetary insult by drying out your hair follicles. In turn, this weakens them and interrupts their growth. Over a longer period, that means thinning hair. Ladies: just say no to alcohol in your dry shampoo!

Your Dry Shampoo Usage Policy: Fab Hair with Less Washing

If you spend way too much time in the bathroom every morning fighting your locks into a style, then dry shampoo is a lifesaver, giving you the hair you want in a fraction of the time.

However, you shouldn’t stop using your regular wet shampoo. Experts recommend that the average person wash their hair every four days at a minimum  to prevent the natural but gross build-up of dirt, bacteria, and sebum. Stay fabulous with less time!

Dry shampoo has its critics, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a part of your hair care routine. By being aware of ingredients as well as following best usage practices, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Strandatory’s all natural dry shampoo is a non-aerosolised, alcohol-free brand that helps you to style your hair in minutes, no matter where you are.  Find out more about it here and discover why ladies around Australia are raving about it!


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